Lolli(k)pop is proud to announce that our team was able to attend the press conference that the Wonder Girls participated.
The press conference took place at Hilton Athens Hotel in the evening of Sunday 03/07/2011.
Apart from Korean and Chinese TV channels, Lolli(k)pop was the only team able to attend the press conference, along with one of the admins of the Greek KPOP forum.

We would like to thank first of all the Special Olympics organizers, the Wonder Girls, Mrs Jane Kim and Hilton Hotel Athens.
Also our love and support to Efi, one of the admins of the KPOP forum that arranged some of the questions asked, along with the members of the forum and our friends who support us.

Below, you will find some of the photos we took during the press conference. We will update the post with more information and comments as soon as we have the video with the interview uploaded.
Please do not re-upload without giving us credits.

And the interview you’ve all been waiting for. By the way, I think we were the only ones asking them questions mostly about KPOP ^_^
We will try to re-upload later with better audio quality and less shaky view =) We will also transcript the interview in Greek and English for those interested.

Enjoy! And don’t mind our accent :)